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Experience professional assembly line process from the era of industrial age. Immerse yourself with fine craftsmanship and exquisite details. Enjoy the creation and learning journey.

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"It was a wonderful toy to work together with my son, we were both delighted with the final result!"

Mike S.

"Pretty slick little engine and very educational for anyone who doesn't understand how a four stroke engine works."

David L.

"This is the best one I have ever built and the quality of the presentation box and details in the engineering is second to none. "

Nick B.

"Beautifully constructed engine that works very well. Train with rail makes it more unique. I highly recommend it for anyone be the collector or educator."

Henry C.

"The package arrived halfway around the world in just a few days. There was no drama. The parts are very well made and the illustrations mimic the Ikea approach. I'm looking forward to putting it together."

Dean M.