About Us

Addiction to our electronic devices has become one of the biggest problems today. We rely on them so much that we seldom build anything with our own hands anymore, spending endless hours in the virtual world instead. But deep inside us, there's a strong desire to create, to make and to experience, we want to feel human again!

We believe model building connects us with the physical world and cultivates our creation and imagination. With our finely designed and made model kits, we hope they can inspire you to create something tangible, enjoy the journey, and immerse in the wonderful childhood experiences of making something with your own hands.

All our model kits are made with fine craftsmanship and exquisite details, they perfectly present human wisdom and illustrate the beauty of mechanical logic and strength. These distinctive qualities will make your model building an exhilarating creating and learning experience.

We will leave you with a demonstration of the four-cylinder engine model. Enjoy!