Low-temperature Stirling Engine

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This exquisitely designed low-temperature Stirling engine is made with metal alloy and fine craftsmanship. It runs on both warm and cold surface, simply turn the flywheel clockwise to start and see it rotates on its own, the bigger the temperature difference is, the faster it runs.

It fits easily in the bag so you can keep it at home, or bring it with you anywhere with convenience. Show it to your friends and make it your secret ice-breaker!

Material: Steel and Glass
Size: 102 X 102 X 125mm
Product weight: 250g
Speed: up to 180-250 RPM
Start temperature difference: 20 ℃
Packing: Carton Box

Low-temperature Stirling Engine x 1

What our customers say about their experience.

- Can use a pencil to lubricate the connections, other oils are not recommended. 
- While operating, please allow the engine to naturally cool down.
- Do not touch the high-temperature parts of the machine to avoid scald.
- Do not use heat sources with temperatures above 150
- Do not operate with flame heating
- The Stirling engine model is suited for people over 8 years old
- Please operate under adults' supervision at all times

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